Computer Vision // Where Every Boty Knows Your Name

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Creative Strategy


I like to use a loose comic book style to quickly communicate creative directions to the client.

This project had five creative directions that the client wished to explore. It was obvious from the start of the project that gaining stakeholder alignment would make or break the project.

Content Strategy

Hypothesis Driven Development

Whenever possible, I advocate for a Hypothesis Driven Development approach on my projects. Incrementally detail and validate products and service offers by generating ideas, creating concepts and building prototypes to test with customers or stakeholders.

I like to create a simple hypothesis tracker for each storyboard concept. This helps to ground stakeholders on what levers each concept is pulling, how much development effort it will take, and what value they can expect to find.

Each concept is formulated as a hypothesis — “We believe that…” This helps to align stakeholders on the assumption that we are making.
The assumption should bring value. We use this section to declare the value we expect to see and measure.
Development effort across several dimensions are measured to align all stakeholders on how long it will take to develop the hypothesis.

Computer Vision // A Look Into the future

We added a slightly more polished UI to this POC. The client was excited to see the advancements being made with computer vision. We took this as an opportunity to introduce a new interaction pattern for their branding team to consider.