Strategic Planning // What is the most important thing you want to accomplish in 2020?

  • Business Objectives
  • Service Blueprint
  • Experiments for 2020
Design Thinking Techniques
  • Lean UX Canvas
  • Headline of the Future
  • I Want, I Wish, I Might
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Workshop Participants
Workshops Conducted
Business Outcomes Defined
Establish Future Mindset

Headline of the Future

Solving the business problems for today requires us to look into the future and define success. The goal is to elevate the level of thinking and ideas away from what’s possible today to opportunities that feel uncomfortably exciting because they feel far away in the future.

Capture Business Outcomes

Lean UX Canvas

The content of the workshops is confidential, but I can speak towards the my general approach. I used a variation of the Lean UX Canvas from Jeff Gothelf to help guide participants towards business outcomes.

  • It’s a facilitation tool for cross-functional teams designed to create a customer-centric conversation about the work the team is doing
  • The goal was to help the team focus on “why” they’re doing the current work
Strategic Planning Workshops

June – September 2019

Visualizing keywords helps to determine relative importance for each business unit
Color denotes a specific business unit
Synthesize Findings

Theme Mapping

The raw data capture of workshop findings, meeting notes and casual conversations presented a challenge for playing back the findings to all stakeholders. We decided that a theme bias visual would help everyone understand the relevant themes in proportion to their business units.