GE Field Service // Taming a sprawling portfolio

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Design Management

Managing Distributed Teams

As the Director of User Experience for the Field Service group at GE Digital, I was responsible for providing a cohesive portfolio of applications that served all of the business units.

I advocated servant leadership with my two direct reports (visual & interaction designers) but I had to earn influence of the 12 other designers scattered across the globe that supported development of my applications.

The experience blueprint was an attempt to codify interaction patterns across 6 major applications under the portfolio. Getting all of the designers to work together required an audit of current efforts to highlight inconsistencies and areas for consolidation.

Common interaction patterns like Filtering were mapped across the portfolio.
Since this was a dynamic document, we tracked the current state of development so we could inform our stakeholders.
The interaction audit revealed many instances where design deviated from standards.
Portfolio Management

Stakeholder Updates

Each quarter our team reported the current health of the portfolio along with projections on future expansion plans.

I advocated for clean visuals with a clear articulation of objectives and key results.

All good things must come to an end

Unfortunately , 2017 was the beginning of a slow, painful decline for GE. Many of the business units from the conglomerate were dismantled — reduced from 10 down to 4.

Friends and colleagues have since left this once great corporation to do bigger and better things themselves.